Our Story

Little Fish was launched in September 2015,

From the beginning we wanted Little Fish to be different to many Toddler Groups, with a big emphasis on friendliness towards the adults as well as the children.  For those of us who have been involved from the beginning it has always been about creating a space for community to flourish, and so we have always been intentional about making sure that the parents/ grandparents/carers are looked out for as much as the children.

We recognise that for many parents/grandparents/carers the strains of looking after small children can be stressful and isolating.


  At Little Fish we do our very best to create an environment where all who come through the door feel welcomed, valued and cared for.  It is a safe space for the adults just as much as for the children.

So, if you are at Little Fish and you really want to talk to another adult because it has just been baby talk all week, you are feeling lonely, or just need a friendly chat, please grab one of our amazing team - they are easily spotted in the purple tops.


People sometimes ask why we do this, and that is an easy one for us to answer.  We are a faith group and for many of us our faith is the driving force behind why we do this.  We are a group of people who understand that everyone deserves to be loved, valued and cared for; we all need each other, and deep down we are all the same.


So welcome to the Little Fish family, please relax; this is your safe space amongst friends, you are welcome, we are here for you…


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